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The Wedding Partnership operate a number of local online Wedding Directories. In addition to directories the Wedding Partnership also organise a number of Wedding Exhibitions.

The objective of the Wedding Partnership is to help promote local wedding suppliers. Throughout 2010, 2011 & 2012 there appeared to be many “Wedding Show Companies” appearing left, right & centre, these companies were organising wedding fairs in many different venues, some venues had never considered a show before, and possibly wont again. The exhibitors were not getting results, and in the end everyone (Venue, suppliers & Brides) lost out apart from the wedding show organiser.

The Wedding Partnership exists in order to provide a professional platform for wedding suppliers to promote themselves. Charged at a fair price, but most importantly giving a fair return. (We’ve all been at a wedding show when only half a dozen Brides show up…)

The first Wedding Show organised by the Wedding Partnership was held in 2012 at Essendon Country Club near Hatfield, the show attracted 110 Brides on the day plus their other guests, so the venue was busy and there was a great buzz amongst the exhibitors. The show was deemed a huge success and Essendon Country Club continues to have a great working relationship with Wedding Partnership, however the venue now operates it’s own Wedding Show.

The Wedding Partnership also operates a number of online Wedding Directories, which provide local businesses the opportunity to advertise, give their own business websites a strong back-link for their own SEO, but also provide Brides & browsers, pictures, testimonials & blogs across multiple regional sites, to help them find professional, local suppliers, fit to serve them at their wedding.

For more information you can contact us in the following ways

Email: info@weddingpartnership.co.uk
Telephone: 01442 809080